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Become A Member

While Masjid-e-Ali is open to the general public, we do offer a privileged class of service to those members of our community who opt to become Members.

There are a number of benefits included with your membership.

Creating membership means opening doors for broader participation, keeping our community organized, continuing/reinforcing a democratic voice, and ensuring that the community remains active for the future generation.

Benefits Of Membership
  • Become a voting member and participate in the election of 6 members of the Executive Committee every three years.
  • Attend Annual General Body Meeting where members are provided audited accounts.
  • Questions are answered by the Directors and Executive Board.
  • 10% discount in registration fee of Jafaria School.
  • A free yearly Islamic calendar.
  • 10% discount in booking banquet halls.
  • 25% discount when advertising your business in the Masjid-e-Ali business directory.

How long is my membership good for?

Membership is good for one year upon receipt of membership dues.


Membership Form
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