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Masjid-e-Ali | Board Of Directors
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Board Of Directors

MFI is run by a Board of Directors charged with the responsibility of formulating policies to achieve the objectives of the Organization as stated in its Constitution. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, the President and Vice President are elected by the Board every three (3) years.


Dr. Aftab Husain –

Dr. Iqbal Hussain Jafri –
Vice Chairman

Mr. Mohammed Sarwat Ali
Chairman Emeritus



Dr. Asad Sadiq
Dr. Asghar Kharazi –
Mr. Ashraf Husain Panjwani
Dr. Iqbal Jafri –
Mr. Iqbal Naqvi
Dr. Mohsin Ali
Ms. Parween Sarwat Ali
Dr. S M N Rizvi
Mr. Syed Baqar Rizvi
Dr. Syed Parviz Hamedani –
Dr. Zafar Jafri

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