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The New Home of Jafaria School and Sadiq School

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17:02* All Times Local To Somerset, NJ
Thursday July 18, 2024 AD
Muharram 12, 1446 AH


04:45AM - 06:30AM
Dhur & Asr:12:30PM - 01:30PM
Maghrib & Isha:08:30PM - 09:30PM
* Juma is held every Friday at 1:00pm ET.

You must be fully vaccinated to attend in-Person programs, only exception is children 12 years or younger, others are recommended to stay home and join us virtually. All programs will broadcast on Masjid-e-Ali (a) YouTube Channel.

Only 50% of normal occupancy is permitted to limit the number of attendees following the guidelines for keeping a safe distance.

Wearing mask over the nose and mouth at all times is mandatory. Moreover, please refrain from congregating in hallways.

There will be no eating or serving of Niaz inside the Masjid. Only take out Tabarruk will be served.

Please don’t register yourself if you have fever, flu like symptoms; exposure to covid19 in the household, in the community, or at work, or have travelled overseas recently.

Daily temperature checks at the entrance for men and women will be performed, please cooperate with our volunteers.


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Tuesdays at 7:00pm ET.


Thursdays at 7:00pm ET.

Juma Lecture

Fridays at 01:00pm ET.


Sadiq School
Is Now Open

Our full-time school officially opened its doors on Monday September 16th, 2019. Currently accepting preschool and kindergarten students.

Jafaria School
Of Central Jersey

Our weekend Islamic school year meets every Sunday from September to June. Registration for the current school year is now open.

Interested in learning more about Islam? Have a question about an Islamic issue? Maulana Rizwan Rizvi is the resident scholar of Masjid-e-Ali. He is available to answer your questions and to provide Islamic guidance.

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