Etikaf 2014 @ Masjid-e-Ali

Masjid-e-Ali will be hosting Etikaf from 27th through 29th of Ramadan.

Can You Help Save The Masjid $800,000?

Pledge to help the Masjid and make a donation today.

Need A Refresher On The Laws of Fasting?

This primer will get you up to speed Insha-Allah.

Ramadan Programs at Masjid-e-Ali

Everything you need to know about the schedule of Ramadan programs at Masjid-e-Ali and about the Islamic obligation of fasting during Ramadan in general...

Your Religious Questions Answered

Have a question about fasting during Ramadan? Our resident scholar is available to assist you with your inquiries...

Ramadan Nightly Schedule

Masjid-e-Ali is open every evening during Ramadan for iftar.

Meet The Resident Scholar Of Masjid-e-Ali

Maulana Rizwan Rizvi serves as the resident scholar of Masjid-e-Ali, providing religious guidance for our community.

Masjid-e-Ali is Open Seven Days A Week!

There is something happening at Masjid-e-Ali seven days a week! Daily congregational prayers, supplication recitations, Quran recitation, youth group activities, weekly classes for kids, and even weekly classes for adults... There is something for everyone!

Ladies Chand Raat

Saturday July 26th @ 10pm to Midnight

Jafaria Islamic School For The Youth

Jafaria Islamic School meets every Sunday coinciding with a typical public school year, from September through June. With over 200 students Children from pre-school through high school seniors, we offer state-of-the-art classroom facilities and a comprehensive Islamic education curriculum to meet the needs of our youth.


Ramadan 1435 Daily Timetable

The daily timetable for Ramadan 1435AH is available for download here:

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Ramadan 1435AH Sponsorship List

The complete list of sponsors for each night of Ramadan can be found on the spreadsheet below.

Ramadan 1435AH Iftar Sponsorship List

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2014 Hijri Calendar